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Water Source Hike

Starting moderately challenging, this hike leads you through the lush cloud forest to an ideal spot for panoramic views and continues past becoming progressively challenging as you reach 2,000' above sea level.

You will be introduced to flora and fauna such as bamboo, tropical fruits and vervet monkeys.

Hike along the great iron pipe that the British originally installed in 1900 to bring water from the source to the villagers and Lynnell's great grandfather helped install - being paid 2 pence per day or a shilling a week! 


Minimum 2 people

Duration: 4 hours

Cost: US $40 per person .  Children 4 and under free; Ages 5-8: 1/2 price; Ages 12 and above: full price  Private Hike available f or $80 US per person.  (Pricing subject to change)

Attire: Shorts (knee high), baggy pants or stretch tights, tennis shoes or trainers (boots preferred), back pack

Necessities: Camera, granola bar or power bar, apple or orange, water. Optional: Sun block, bug spray and hat

Hikes available upon request; start time 7:30 AM

Please note: Island Tour available on request (1-4 persons); US $80 for 3 hours; ea additional person US $20



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