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Amerindian Site

Take a hike with Lynnell along a section of the South-East coast of Nevis gaining an insight into what Amerindian life must have been like.

At all three sites their artifacts can be found lying on the ground.  At the Midden (where the only known Amerindian remains on Nevis have been excavated) numerous conch and whelk shells can be seen  - evidence of the diet of the Indians.

All along the coast, Atlantic rollers thunder to the shore, the roar of their backwash - locals say - is the sea calling for souls.  Also found is the secluded Smugglers Cove - White Bay.  Contraband such as brandy and cigarettes were often landed here with the revenue cutter in hot but unavailing pursuit.

Here too is the second most extensive coral reef system around Nevis and the secluded Brandy Point and Black Bay beaches.

Join us for an informative leisurely walk in the past.



Minimum 2 people

Duration: 2 1/2 hours

Cost: US $25 per person .  Children 4 and under free; Ages 5-8: 1/2 price; Ages 12 and above: full price  Private Hike available f or $50 US per person.  (Pricing subject to change)

Attire: Shorts (knee high), tennis shoes or trainers, back pack

Necessities: Camera, granola bar or power bar, apple or orange, water. Optional: Sun block, bug spray and hat

Hikes available upon request

Please note: Island Tour available on request (1-4 persons); US $80 for 3 hours; ea additional person US $20




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